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    Courses filmed at cinema quality, perfect for watching on your laptop, TV or even on your mobile.


    Practice and learn skills and strategies for every IELTS task type needed to pass the IELTS test.


    Access your IELTS course at anytime from anywhere in the world with mobile-friendly multimedia course materials.

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Online IELTS Course Content

We offer expert material and advice, free downloads, in-depth IELTS task type analysis and more in order to help guide you through your IELTS journey.

  • Improve your understanding of the IELTS test, what’s involved, study and practice the IELTS task types you will need to know to take the test.

  • Learn the Cambridge IELTS test format for the IELTS and test-taking strategies and skills like pre-reading, listening for gist and more!

  • Download free IELTS practice material including model answers and practice worksheets for Speaking and Writing parts.

Experienced and Cambridge-Qualified IELTS Teachers

Study the full IELTS test step-by-step and learn every task type on the test with experienced IELTS teachers. Download worksheets, books and take quizzes with our interactive video course. Analyse the test and learn strategies and skills needed to get a Band 9.
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