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FREE Vocabulary Worksheet

Including activities and work-related vocabulary

This download is free and is offered to all students as a thank you for joining IELTS Pass. We hope you find it enjoyable!
Free IELTS Vocabulary Worksheet

Speaking Part 1 Worksheet

Including model answers and glossary

This worksheet features over 34 separate examiner questions, 8 of the most common IELTS Speaking Part 1 topic questions including work, hobbies, education and more! This download features model answers and a glossary for every topic so you can practice and learn new vocabulary.
IELTS Speaking Part 1 Worksheet

Speaking Part 2 Worksheet

Featuring Band 9 transcripts and glossary

Learn key vocabulary and structures from real, comprehensive Band 9 answers. This download features over 4 separate candidate cards to practice answer questions in depth.
IELTS Speaking Part 2 Worksheet

Academic Writing Part 1 Worksheet

Including bar charts and tables

Study model answers and learn key structures to answer Academic Writing Part 1. This works best in conjunction with the IELTS Pass Complete Task Type Preparation course.
IELTS Academic Writing Part 1 Worksheet

General Writing Part 1 Worksheet

Featuring informal and semi-formal letters

This download includes structures useful for writing both informal, formal and semi-formal letters/emails. This works best in conjunction with the IELTS Pass Course.
IELTS General Writing Part 1 Worksheet

Writing Part 2 Worksheet

Featuring extended essay writing tasks

This download includes over 3 different essay writing tasks types including the difficult problem/solution and advantages/disadvantages essays. This works best in conjunction with the IELTS Pass Complete IELTS Task Type Preparation Course.
IELTS Writing Part 2 Worksheet

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