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When booking your private language school IELTS course through IELTS Pass you will have expert service throughout the process.

  • Access to all courses and materials for free! This includes the best-selling IELTS Complete Preparation Course, 75+ Phrasal Verbs and more.

  • A dedicated staff member assisting you through your options and guiding you through all the information you need to study abroad.

  • Only the best language schools internationally with assistance about facilities, accommodation and more!

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  • Bonus material

    Get all the information you need to travel and study abroad. Visas, IELTS courses, accommodation, school facilities and more.

  • All IELTS Material

    Access all IELTS preparation material - e-books, courses and worksheets from IELTS Pass for free once your course is booked. Valued at over $100.

  • Dedicated Staff

    Speak to an IELTS professional who will guide you through the process of booking, recommend schools in your desired country and help you apply.

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