Module 1

Introduction to Reading

This module begins with an overview of the IELTS Reading test structure and what it includes. It will give you important information about what the test is designed to assess and every question type that comes up in the test. We will guide you through the best strategies to tackle the every task from both the IELTS General and Academic course.
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Module 2

Introduction to IELTS Listening

This module covers all task types in both the IELTS General and Academic Listening test. Learn from real native English speakers and IELTS trainers and go through the Listening test together analysing the Listening skills you need to score a Band 9.
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Module 3

Introduction to IELTS Writing

This module begins with an overview of the IELTS Writing test and what is involved. We will look at both the Academic and General tests and see the difference between the two. We will then go through the structures needed to tackle both IELTS Writing parts. You will learn how to describe graphs, structure paragraphs and create a great essay structure. We provide model answers and practice for you to lean how to best approach the exam.
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Module 4

Introduction to IELTS Speaking

This module will guide you through the different IELTS Speaking Parts. We focus on how to speak about yourself, common questions that arise in the Part 1 and how to use common phrases and expressions to help you sound more natural and give yourself additional thinking time. In the Part 2 section we focus on how to assess the task and then break it down so you can organise ideas effectively before you speak. In our Part 3 section we will focus on how to discuss topics with a partner, structures and strategies you can use and common grammar and vocabulary you will need to score a Band 9.
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